Hey! I’m Adam Jeske!

Let me awkwardly provide you a little information about myself.

I currently live, work, ride a motorcycle, and make photographs in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. My wife, Chrissy, is doing her PhD research here, in Cultural Anthropology through the University of Wisconsin. Click here to read Chrissy’s excellent blog.

Adam-2473 Scott SternerI love working for InterVarsity as Senior Writer and Content Strategist. Outside of that role, my words and images have run in dozens of publications on four continents, including these articles in Relevant Magazine. I’ve got a unique perspective that comes from years in Nicaragua, China, and South Africa, as well as an MBA in International Economic Development.

I like strategy, laughter, truth-telling, energy, joy, and speaking loudly. I try to honor Jesus with my life. Chrissy and I co-authored This Ordinary Adventure: Settling Down Without Settling (IVP). We have learned a lot from our friends in hard places overseas, and now we’re trying to live well in the grind of a middle-class U.S life. We’ve got two kids, Phoebe (11) and Ezekiel (9). Like their parents, they are smart but not awkward…usually.

For the requisite quirky facts about me, I bake bread, do yoga, enjoy red wine, love my chainsaw, and drink copious amounts of black tea with milk.

Thanks for connecting!




Adam Jeske


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