One Morning in Maritzburg

This morning, I went on a walk in Pietermaritzburg with some friends new and old. The lighting was great for black and white…and for color. So I will share both.

Click the first image for the slideshow, then click the right arrow to advance.

I’d really appreciate it if you would leave tell me what you think in the comments.

Do you prefer the color or black and white set? Which image struck you the most? Which do you think should not have been included in the set?

  • matt kirk

    Street photography can be such a broad topic it is hard to comment on
    too much without judging your style against someone else’s. So push yourself to
    be “more you” after all is said and done…but then again, you did ask for
    thoughts, so that shows you want to grow. Awesome.

    I think the first image is your strongest. It has a weight to it that
    is intensified by the fact that it feels like we are sitting with him, like it
    is between a moment in conversation. It
    doesn’t feel like we just walked by him, but that we know him. B&W helps here because we are not
    distracted by the colors, and we only see the tones.

    The last two are also a little on this vein, but more of a happy
    moment among friends. Not sure your tactic, but it looks like you took the time
    to talk. Impressive.

    The combination of these things makes me want to know more about these
    people. That says you captured something to intrigue me.

    The others in the middle look more like traditional street photography
    images. Observational moments as they pass in a split second. They are great
    moments that talk to the diversity of life in the city. My encouragement would
    be to look for 1, or more, elements to compliment them. For example, the woman
    walking in front of the red beer sign; if these two elements would have played
    off each other more, it would have a lot more intrigue. For example (it is so
    much easier to think of hypotheticals than to actually do it by the way) if she
    was carrying, or walking with, a bunch of children who were looking at the
    sign. Or if the sign were about “not being in such a hurry”, then they would
    have had some sort of juxtaposition. I
    do like the play of color in that one though, but I didn’t see because I saw
    the B&W version first.

    In all, a great set for one day. I would work harder at the
    juxtaposition element for traditional street, and I would continue to explore
    and create images of people that you meet.

  • Carrie Moorhead

    I love Matt’s thoughtful comments.

    I also like the first image in b& w. I thought I preferred them all that way until I saw the color. Those particular colors and combinations of colors place your photos in PMB. It’s clearly not Madison, you know? I like the grounding in place that color supplies.

    Thematically there seem to be straight lines or stripes in all the photos. If I had to choose one that didn’t belong, I might say those with a subtler tie to that theme.

    Say hi to that pretty city for me – I haven’t been there since 2004!

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