A Prayer for Fridays


Thanks for getting me through this week. I’m tired, but I’m grateful. Please take my efforts and make something good of them.

Thanks for giving me work to do today. Please help me to do it well and to wrap things up so that this weekend I’m free to step away. I desperately want that.

Thanks for days to rest. Please increase my self-control, both to keep from checking email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the others, and to rest deeply.

Thanks for my home. Please grant me energy to take care of it this weekend, and may those tasks not overwhelm the weekend.

Thanks for the people around me today and this weekend. Please show me how to care well for others, to build them up, and to work toward justice.

I offer you my day of work and my days of rest, for Christ’s sake.



What else do we need to pray on Fridays?