I Need a Date With a Good Man in the Next 72 Hours. (It’s for a Friend.) Please Share!

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Recently, I was talking to a friend of ours, a woman. She shared with me a situation that made me mad and sad (and also energized). It’s a problem we should be able to solve, friends. We can fix one small part of this screwed up world, together, today.

She needs good dates.

And she needs them in the next 72 hours. (Update: she’s lining up one date for today. There’s still 48 hours to go, so get the nominations in!)

Here’s what I found so frustrating about this:

  • She’s tried online dating. (Needle in a haystack.)
  • She’s looked at church. (It’s small. Most of the guys are young or married or both.)
  • She’s asked friends. (“I wish I knew someone…”)
  • She’s gone on a lot of dates. (Can we please just have a conversation?)
  • She feels like the odds are never in her favor.

So I want you (and your friends) to solve this problem.

Our friend is a catch:

  • Smart, beautiful, fun, funny, and adventurous
  • Christian (but not weird or annoying)
  • Runs her own freelance branding and design company
  • Educated but humble
  • Early 30s
  • Baggage-free (well, at least as much as any of us are)
  • Low-maintenance
  • Great style
  • Based in the central U.S. but in Madison, WI, for a couple days

So here’s the deal—I’m looking for men:

  • Good character
  • Single
  • 28ish to 40ish
  • Thoughtful
  • Christian (but not annoying)
  • In reasonable shape (doesn’t need to be RG3)
  • Sense of humor
  • Conversationalist
  • Wanting to go on a date in the next 72 hours

So, share this widely, friends. Let’s find play matchmaker today, finding a good woman a good date (or a few). Message me on Facebook, tweet at me on Twitter, or email me.

Guys, you’re welcome to nominate yourself.

Everybody, you’re welcome to nominate several guys who might fit the bill.

And here’s the kicker—if selected, we’ll pay for the date! Nominate now!

  • Gagarin

    I’m shapes…but not reasonable shapes. Good luck to her!
    Love this idea.