We Did It! Clean Water for a Whole Village!


Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 6.53.40 AMAbout two months ago, we set out to raise $15,000 to put in a well for a village that needed it. We had saved for an addition on our house that couldn’t happen when we wanted, so we thought we could put in a pretty big chunk but not $15K. (Click to read more of the back story.) We put the word out on social media and people responded!

43 people have given $15,195! (And you can still give! Click here!)

Our kids gave up cereal. And Zeke thought he was giving it up for decades–so sweet! (Read more here.)

Another family gave up their one weekly meal out at a restaurant.

One woman gave thousands of dollars from her first professional job.

And others made their own personal sacrifices and gave so that 300 people wouldn’t get sick from their drinking water.

I am so grateful to this team of people.

If you’ve read our book, you know of the concept of Amazing Days, that we try to do something amazing every day. This certainly qualified! But…

“Can we really afford this?”

“What if nobody gives?”

“Shouldn’t we be saving more?”

“What if we look stupid?”

But then I thought:

I hope you get to attempt something Amazing today.


  • Randi Schieber

    YAYAYAYAYAY! This just made my morning :)

    • Adam Jeske