One Resolution to Rule Them All

New Year’s resolutions force us to consider if we’re living the lives we want to be living.

And even though the resolution season comes at the wrong time, it’s worth making good ones—exercise more often, drink less soda, speak more kindly, speed less frequently, and so on.

Ring LORBut you need one resolution to make any others stick.

No matter how hard you grit your teeth, you will inevitably slip. Even in the best scenario, you will eventually stumble. I don’t care what your resolution is…

You will fail.

And so you need another resolution, a primary resolution before all others.

What percentage of people around you make some resolution—spoken or not—to work out more often each year?  And what percentage of those people are still working out in, say, April? 10%? 2%?

I think this is the case with almost all resolutions. Why?

We don’t accept grace.

The resolution we all need to make before all other resolutions? To receive forgiveness. (Click here to tweet this.)

We miss one workout. We feel crappy. We make a few and then miss another. “I suck,” we tell ourselves. We knit our brows, try one more time, and then it’s over. “I can’t do it.”

We judge ourselves. We think others are judging us. We don’t believe someone, sometimes even God, could forgive us. No one could really love us—not others, not God, not ourselves. That’d be too amazing.

And that’s exactly where grace comes in.

I bet the 10% (or 2% or whatever) of people still living out their resolutions in April aren’t superhuman.

The secret of people who keep their resolutions? They are better at failing. (Click here to tweet this.)

When they screw up, they acknowledge it, receive grace, and press on.

In 2014, I want to let God’s grace and forgiveness transform how I see myself, how I view my life, and how I treat others. (Click to tweet this if you do, too.)

That’s my New Year’s resolution. And I think this one is key to all the others.

Am I right?

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  • DavidDrury (@DavidDrury)

    Thanks for providing grace before the need for it. Nice to have it “in the bank” :-)

  • Bridget

    You struck a cord this time Adam. Hugs

  • Penny Vinden

    Receive and extend grace.

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