Don’t Stop Bragging About Your Smokin’ Hot Wife, But Please Don’t Stop There.

A couple years ago, in a prayer before a NASCAR race, a pastor thanked God for his “smokin’ hot wife.” That kicked off a phenomenon other pastors similarly esteeming their wives. I don’t have a particular problem with acknowledging that your wife is beautiful, though there have been thoughtful posts on this, most notably this one by Mary DeMuth.

The thing that does bother me is that men don’t similarly esteem their wives for things that really matter.

By focusing on the superficial, they’re falling in line with prevailing winds in our society, of objectifying the most important women in their lives. In reflecting on this, I realized something about myself…

I don’t brag about my wife enough. (Click to tweet this.)

In conversations, to her directly, and even in our book, I do esteem Chrissy a lot. She’s a better writer than me. She is rocking her PhD program at the University of Wisconsin. And she raises chickens. But I thought a review of Chrissy’s activities on a given day would be worthwhile. She is amazing.

Yesterday, she…

– spent five hours with our kids at church. They read Handyman Tips and The Pretties and went to Sunday School while she rehearsed CJ is amazing 556777_10100344797829893_872545784_nand played piano with the music team for two services.

– went home and played a Beethoven Sonata.

– found music online for a new folk song she wanted to play.

– listened to the third Harry Potter book on CD with kids.

– counted the day’s chicken eggs for our daughter’s science fair project, testing if playing different radio stations into the coop would result in more eggs.

– made sure kids didn’t break bones when they jumped onto huge piles of couch cushions.

– baked cranberry scones.

– used up leftover blue frosting on the scones.

– baked a pumpkin and a squash.

– baked the seeds from pumpkin and squash.

– helped kids make fried onion rings.

– cut up the last of this year’s garden tomatoes into spaghetti sauce from the freezer.

– taught our daughter to cook spaghetti.

– made split pea soup to have later this week, because she’ll be busy with grading papers as a teaching assistant for an anthropology class at the university.

– washed all dishes from this cooking bonanza.

– answered our son’s question, “How do animals run?”

– helped kids wash wool sweaters from Dig ‘n’ Save in hopes of making carded wool mittens for Christmas presents.

– began cutting and sewing raccoon hides (that we caught and skinned ourselves last summer) with kids to make real coonskin caps.

– watched a National Geographic video with the kids on how the Top Ten National Geographic photos were shot.

– moved stuff off basement floor to avoid puddles from rain water leaking in, since the house is 130 years old and the walls are made from stones pulled from the field next to the house.

– talked to a friend to make a plan to fix the sulfurous smell of our hot water heater using peroxide.

She did all this with a scratchy voice that kept her from speaking more than a couple sentences at a time.

Plus she typed up what she did so that I could enjoy it from the other side of the country while on a business trip. This was on her day off from getting a PhD…while I was out of town for work.

Oh, and she’s pretty hot, too. But that’s not what matters.

Guys, go ahead and brag about your wives. Do it today. But let’s brag about the right things. (Click to tweet this.)

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  • Randi

    Rusty will be excited to hear about the raccoon caps!!!

    • acjeske

      Yes! We’ll send a picture (of course) when they’re done.

  • Jess Fick

    chrissy is mad baller. I am most impressed about the coonskin caps. #proverbs31wife

    • acjeske

      You’d be amazed at how rarely Chrissy is identified as “mad baller.” Huh…

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  • Dave Ruark

    Boogity, Boogity, Boogity Amen!

    • acjeske

      Thanks, Dave.

  • ThatGuyKC

    Wives are amazing. We husbands are blessed and ought to brag on them often. Good word. Keep up the good work.

    I wrote something along the same lines titled “Actually, your wife is ugly.”

    You might get a kick out of it. :)

    • acjeske

      Good stuff, KC. And good to connect!