Why I Will Get More Done Today Than Yesterday…

Yesterday, I spent eight hours at my office, like usual.

Airplane Mode blog pic

Today, I will travel 1300 miles, from Madison, Wisconsin, to Orlando, Florida, with a layover in Cincinnati.

I will get more done today, with security checkpoints, three airports, and Cinnabon. (At least I hope there’s Cinnabon.)

Simply put, I will get more done today, because I am forced to go into Airplane Mode.

I have three hours on flights where I first have to shut down my phone and laptop, and then can only use them offline. (I have yet to be on a flight with free wi-fi, and I wouldn’t use it anyway, as you’ll see below.)

Forced into Airplane Mode, I do not have distractions—no social media (which, though part of my job, still can distract

me from larger projects), no interruptions from colleagues (again, part of my job, but still sometimes problematic), no videos of ridiculous compound fractures or Do You Even Lift.

Rather, I have a list ready of important tasks:

  • documents to read (as hard copies),
  • magazines I’ve been wanting to get to (tip o’ the hat to Greg Jao for that), and
  • a couple of projects that need my undivided attention, like strategic plans, upcoming talks, an app I’m dreaming up (it’ll be helpful to many, if I can find the right co-conspirators), or outlines for books I might want to write down the road.

Now, here’s the rub—I realized how effective I was in Airplane Mode on a trip back in January. It was confirmed by another trip in February. I told myself, “ I should do this a couple times a week, even when I’m in the office!”

Despite my plans, I’ve not done it even once, except while traveling. The wise words of Clif Morton, my high school forensics coach, come to mind: “Good intentions are worth a thimbleful of donkey urine.” (Click to tweet this.)

So, I’m going into Airplane Mode today and again on Friday. And I plan to do it again next Monday…when I’m back in the office.

Do you get more done while in Airplane Mode? What trick are you trying this week to get more done and decrease your stress? Comment below.