Book Discount: Two Weeks Only

This morning, someone wrote to us, “I started your book today. I’m already inspired!”

And someone else received a copy of This Ordinary Adventure: Settling Down Without Settling and wrote:

I have nothing in common with the authors:

• They married in college, and I taught college classes and yet haven’t been on a single date.

• They have children and I am scared of children.

• They are Christian and, well, I am not…

This book was not preachy, stifling or alienating…This book is for the renegades, the trend-setters, the rebels, and the misfits. Most importantly, it is for those who want to live better–spiritually, socially, mentally, physically, emotionally…This book offers practical, honest, and relatable stories and advice…it has joined the ranks of my “Actually Helpful Spiritual Guides” shelf.

Comments like these make the hundreds of hours of writing worthwhile.

We want more people to say the same things. So for the next two weeks, we’ve got them on sale:

• Five books for $40!

• Ten books for $75!

• Free shipping!

You can even mix and match copies of This Ordinary Adventure with copies of Chrissy’s first book, Into the Mud: Inspiration for Everyday Activists, True Stories of Africa.

Who do you know that’s thinking about their life, who feels stuck?

Who do you know who wants to follow Jesus in the real world?

Who do you know that wants some incredible stories from overseas and valuable insights for living here?

Buy them books!

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  • Jessica

    I am so thankful for this book. I found out about it by clicking all over the Urbana 12 website and the words “Settling Down w/o Settling” totally jumped out at me b/c I’ve been trying to figure that out.

    It’s been 6 months since I’ve been back in the States from 6 yrs in the field. It’s been hard trying to re-learn how to live here longer term. I’m only on pg. 65 in your book and I couldn’t put the book down…nodding my head countless times, laughing, and an occasional tear b/c your stories are constantly bringing back special memories in the field and missing my friends there.

    While I know that I can bless people here, it’s still hard b/c I’m pulled out of my comfort zone and placed in this ‘different’ world…it would take time to process and find my place. I share my frustrations and well-meaning friends lecture me that I can be a missionary here and everywhere.

    I constantly ask the Lord about the next step and where He wants me to be and I did get a pretty fast response: to be with Him, to be in His presence. And this has been my focus for this year.

    My church’s mission committee asked what they can do for me besides prayer. And now I think I would like them to read this book simply to understand.

    I should write after reading the book but I got too excited and wanted to say thank you.

    • acjeske

      We’re so happy to hear from you, Jessica! As authors, we don’t usually get to hear about how our words help others. Thank you!

      Where were you overseas? And where are you now?

      And yes, folks from your church should read the book to understand and to help you.

  • Jessica

    I was in Cambodia and now in Seattle!