Seth Godin Rocks My Face Off at the Global Leadership Summit

Seth Godin spoke today at the Willow Creek Association’s Global Leadership Summit. I love his books, Lynchpin and Tribes. Here’s the goods:

Average, average, average. Mass everything is built into our culture.

But right now—on our watch—is a revolution.

Books, newspapers, music–traditional pillars are crumbling.

Now, there are new modes of media. This results in a proliferation of choice. You just need to reach a tiny sliver of the seven billion people in the world.

We’ve branded ourselves to death, guys.

And what we’re seeing today is the death of the industrial age.

We are entering the age of tribes–a group of people who share a culture.

We’re used to a spiritual tribe, a work tribe, and and a community tribe. But now we can have a hundred tribes. People still meet up, connect up, and want to be in sync.

New paradigm: Connect Challenge Culture Communicate Clear Commit. It matters not if you make iPhones or work for spiritual advancement.

Those who control the means of production, and you control the world.

The new means of production is the laptop. Now the worker owns it.

We are facing the the end of the job, the death of the job. And I can see beyond the job. After the job is the artist.  It’s the delivering of a human expression.

Following rules has infected the Church because it’s inherited the culture of the factory–it makes people interchangeable. That’s what makes the factory work. The reason why they want you to fit in so that they (the industrialists) can ignore you.

Now you have a chance. You say, “Tell me the map, the steps! I’ll even take a fictional map.” (Cue the Narnia slide…)

You must be different and unique. (Read Lynchpin if you haven’t!) Because if your boss can write down what you do, you are expendable.

Local is like cheap. If local is all you’ve got, you’re sunk. (I wonder what this says to or means for the “local” church.)

Bowling trying for perfect. Who cares?

Bottled water is a commodity: nobody cares, there’s no way to differentiate yourself. Nobody is going to talk about you. Everyone has seen brown cows. Nobody talks about brown cows. Nobody talks about any cows–except for the purple cow. You can’t get there from a Dummies manual. You’re not going to get there because your boss told you to. Because if your boss knew, she’d have done it already!

If failure is not an option, you’ve just made sure that success isn’t either. Art makes us uncomfortable.

Note: I’m working out some of my own thinking on this. Stay tuned!