Seth Godin and Christian Leadership

I guest posted on Take Your Vitamin Z:

Yesterday I met Seth Godin, while blogging for the Willow Creek Association’s Global Leadership Summit. Godin’s a walking soundbite. One gem yesterday was, “If failure is not an option, you can be sure that success isn’t either.”

Godin’s point is that rarely do you hit perfection right out of the gates. Success is usually iterative.

This got me thinking about the Church. How much do we fear failure? Does it indicate we didn’t hear God right? Does Jesus lead us disciples (“learners”) through lessons in the school of hard knocks, intentionally letting us fail to grow us?

Kind of brings a new meaning to “epic fail.”

  • Grete

    I used “epic fail” recently to describe a personal failure that really deserved the term. I know I fear failure and ‘not hearing God right.’ Losing or choosing wrong feels like sinning, or at least missing ‘what he has for me,’ missing my chance to be blessed. Yet- that success is iterative rings true for me professionally. Your comments hit home- and I’m not really sure where home is yet. Thanks, tho.

    Also, Seth’s glasses = rockin’

  • Larry Short

    Have been studying Hezekiah (2 Kings 18-21). He was considered the most faithful among the kings of Judah (the southern kingdom, post-Solomon). Yet he (like David) had at least one “epic fail.” What worked in his favor? He had a heart that hungered after God. He “clung to God” and changed course quickly when he received correction. Lord, please make me into that kind of person!