Bill Hybels says you should fire that guy.

For all my thinking lately about how Christians can be real jerks lately, how we don’t play well with others, I think there’s another problem.

We Christians can be too nice.

My brain is smoking.

How is it that when we who follow Jesus often interact with outsiders in adversarial fashion, the way that chafes Carl Medearis? And then with insiders, other followers of Jesus, we are too nice? (OK, sometimes lately, I’ve also been really frustrated with other Christians squabbling, but I need to keep on target.)

Bill Hybels brought this up in this morning’s talk at the Global Leadership Summit of the Willow Creek Association. What do you do when your organization changes and someone on your team is no longer able to fulfill the role you need them to fill?

Fire them.


He went on to explain that often things work out better for the individual after you fire them, like the guy who got another better job and went on a cruise with his severance pay. But obviously that’s not always the case.

Too often, though, we’re not willing to bite the bullet and do what is necessary for more good to be done through our lives and our organizations.

Have you ever had to make this sort of decision? How did you navigate this?

I’m thinking that Jesus often was very harsh with insiders and incredibly welcoming and kind to outsiders. Hmm…