The surprising reason I’m stoked to be an official blogger for the Global Leadership Summit

I need input.

I work in leading communications for InterVarsity, trying to find efficient ways to make good things happen. Sometimes we hit it. Sometimes we whiff.

But in order to have good ideas and to think at my best, I need to be challenged. My colleagues are great. But an occasional deluge of diverse perspectives can kickstart my juices, give me energy, show me shortcuts to answers, and bring clarity to some murky messes.

One month from today, on August 11-12, the Willow Creek Association will host the Global Leadership Summit (GLS), drawing together speakers from within the Church and beyond, with an audience of 7,000 leaders on-site in Chicago and thousands more at satellite locations. Last year, Fast Company ran a story about the GLS. This year, platform speakers include Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, education reformer Michelle Rhee, author/pastor/”cultural architect” Erwin McManus, and author/ business guru Seth Godin. I’ll join five other official bloggers for the event, and I’ll be in Chicago rather than at a satellite location.

But I’m not most excited about the big names on stage.

I’m more stoked to spend two days in the hall, at the dinner table, at the sink in the bathroom, in the lobby of the hotel, and over morning coffee with other leaders and thinkers. These talks unearth commonalities, complimentary skills and experiences, laughs, napkin scribbles, and enough ideas to work on for the next year.

I need input.

And I’m going to share it with you all right here.

  • Grace Biskie

    Adam, sounds fun. I’ve been to WC’s 4 times & each time has added something really important to my life & ministry. I’m a schooch jealous. Have a great time! =)

  • acjeske

    Thanks, Grace. I’ve never been, though I’ve watched a couple presentations and appreciated them. The scale and the use of resources will be interesting for me to consider after my time overseas. Drop a note with some of your lessons and thoughts on it, or write a post and link back.

  • Jennifer Anderson

    Remember Erwin McManus speaking years ago at Leadership Summit. He had a terrific comment about God’s will. I still think about it and used his illustration when I was speaking with someone Monday night! Great stuff at Leadership Summit.

  • acjeske

    And Jennifer, McManus is going to be there this year, too!

  • Robert Reece

    I went to last years summit which happened to be the same year that I received God in my life at the age of 30. He has transformed me in ways I can not take credit for myself. I signed up as a volunteer at my church which is a satellite host and this past week I went to the hospital and was diagnosed with Pleurisy an infection in the Lungs. So I had to bow out this year, however any updates I can get would be awesome. My email is

    Thanks Enjoy and God Bless