My guest post about Mark Driscoll, Rachel Held Evans, and Brian McLaren

Having worked with InterVarsity for a year now, I’ve found that we, as a general practice, push students to use their minds, to engage with the culture around them, to listen well, and to share good news well.

I am surprised this gets us in trouble.

In an effort to build relationships with people in homosexual relationships who don’t follow Jesus, InterVarsity got accused of promoting sodomy. When some student leaders and staff members tried to engage students who care about the environment in conversations about the Creator, someone accused them of drifting from solid, biblical, evangelical faith.  And InterVarsity-sponsored efforts to draw attention to human trafficking and our Lord who hates people being bought and sold were labeled “the social gospel”( as if an anti-social gospel would be a good thing).

When we’re not taking heat for being “friends with sinners,” we are getting slammed by the other end of the spectrum—those who don’t like our assertion that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

In the Washington Post Wednesday, Brian McLaren mentions…(Read the rest here.)

  • Andy Moore

    Criticised by those at both ends of the spectrum? You must be doing something right.