The First Rule of Being a Superhero

The First Rule of Being a Superhero is to know your strengths and weaknesses.  Superman?  The former is super-strength, super-speed, flight, super-breath, awesome cape, and that sweet curl of hair.  The latter is kryptonite (and a hidden identity).

In the last six months, in moving into a communications leadership position with a large nonprofit, I’ve started following the First Rule of Being a Superhero.  I know I have been made with an overactive idea gene, a tingling sense of the immediate action, lingering yo-yo skills from a lonely childhood, abnormally large faith, and an odd penchant for elegant Jell-O desserts.

On the other hand, I’ve come to realize I need to watch out for tall stacks of reading materials, oozing meetings led by others, amorphous meetings led by me, the blackhole of the inbox, and an over-stimulated sense of responsibility…like many other superheroes.